Turnitin launches AI detection to help identify when AI writing tools such as ChatGPT have been used.
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The new standard in academic integrity

Keep integrity at the core of all student work.

What you can do with Turnitin Originality

Address emerging trends in misconduct

Check for existing as well as new forms of plagiarism - from text similarity and synonym swapping to contract cheating, AI writing and AI paraphrasing.

Get insights that set students up for success

Clear, actionable data helps educators track student performance across their cohort and assess potential misconduct issues.

Guide students to high-quality writing

Students receive real-time formative feedback on text similarity, grammar and citations as they work, helping them make corrections before final submission.

Features Overview

Turnitin Originality helps students, educators and administrators ensure the integrity of academic work.

Similarity check

Compare student work to our industry-leading content databases to check for text similarity and student collusion.

Risk assessment dashboard

Get immediate insight into potential contract cheating with an easy-to-use dashboard and data-rich reports.

Draft Coach™

Help students check for similarity, receive citation support and improve their writing while they draft in Google Docs™ or Microsoft® Word for the web.

Emerging Trend: Contract Cheating

When a student hires a third party to complete an assignment or thesis, it's called contract cheating. Up to 16% of students worldwide admit to it and traditional plagiarism checkers can’t detect it, so contract cheating presents new risks for schools and universities.

Emerging Trend: AI Writing

AI writing tools like ChatGPT have taken the world by storm, and educators are working hard to understand the challenges these tools may pose to academic integrity and also the opportunities they might present to expand student learning. Turnitin is innovating rapidly to help educators identify AI writing in student work while ensuring students are treated fairly.

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